A brief update

Moon Breakers community,

First, we are sorry there hasn’t been more communication about the state of Moon Breakers. The current state is that development has effectively been halted on the game.  Imba, the developer and owner of the game, ran out of money and the Moon Breakers team was disbanded.

Uber, as the publisher, is going to continue to maintain the servers for now. In addition it may be possible under some future scenarios for us to acquire the rights and continue to develop it.

Uber Entertainment

Sale on all ships!

All ship He-3 prices are 50% off. –wj

Moon Breakers Soundtrack Released!

You may not have  known this but the reason that the music in Moon Breakers is so good is because it was written (and recorded) by Bear McCreary,  who composed many of the greatest soundtracks on the screen, including shows like Battlestar Galactica, Walking Dead, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chromicles amongst many others.  We were over the (broken) moon to have Bear create our theme music as well as the in-game score, as he’s a master of complimenting imaginary worlds with amazing audio.

So we’re proud to announce that Bear has released the Moon Breakers soundtrack EP on iTunes and Amazon! Featuring a unique album cover by James Gammell our own concept artist, it’s available now so you can feel like you’re flying your Merlin even if you’re just walking down the street.

Check out Bear’s blog for a full write-up about the soundtrack at www.bearmccreary.com – he’s also got a competition running for you musicians out there…

You can also grab the soundtrack directly on iTunes or Amazon

Update on Destroyer and Turret Progress

Greetings pilots,

We wanted to keep you updated on the progress of the Chimera Destroyer and the new 50mm Cannon turrets it fields. Eric has undertaken the enormous task of creating the assets single-handedly and they’re already looking highly intimidating. 

First off is the new 50mm turret. This image shows a “neutral” version on a base that allows it to be placed on asteroids and objects in the level too (we’ll be adding these as additional defences to new and current maps in the near future). Each turret has 3 cannons (similar to those fielded by heavy fighters) and like the current MG turrets on the carrier, can track a a full hemisphere around it.

This shot of the Destroyer shows the current in-progress model and the concept image above, as well as a Mamba for scale.  This is the high-res model which has all of the detail – down to individual hoses and ladder rungs. From there we’ll create an in-game model where those details are “baked” into normal maps and textures.

We’ll post more when the first pass of the Destroyer is complete!


Wicked LEGO Mamba

We wanted to thank Chris Giddens, a venerable master at creating LEGO spacecraft for creating a fantastic Mamba model (shown here with his permission). Check out more shots on his Flicker page

Update: Cred Price Reduction, Boost Changes

Greetings Pilots,

Moon Breakers is what we call “games as service” — we don’t put out a game, then take a few weeks of recovery time before starting work on the sequel. Instead we start small, then continually upgrade the game, balancing new features, visual polish, player requests and new content so that week after week the game gets better and better. We have a vision for Moon Breakers that builds on the current core gameplay, adding features like a persistent galactic map, clan “squadrons” with their own carriers, extensive ship customisation, new maps, new gametypes… and creates an epic experience that still allows players from anywhere in the world to jump into combat with just a few clicks. However, to do this we need to push and pull levers, make changes and experiment with the right balance between selling content and providing it for free.

We’ve had a lot of feedback from our community (and reviewers) that our Cred thresholds for unlocking ships is too high. To give you some background, while we are a very small team, the ongoing development of Moon Breakers (including paying the current staff, contractors, and all the myriad expenses of running an office) and the cost of running the servers requires we earn enough through players paying for content. Right now our population growing, but still small enough that that’s critical. On the other hand we want people to play and enjoy our game and to have a fair expectation of what they would be able to earn without having to slavishly devote their lives to playing Moon Breakers. Part of that for us is the concept of Boosts which strike a balance between lower-cost unlocks and the amount of time needed to invest in the game to unlock ships. Still, many of our players don’t realise that and see the high Cred cost per ship as a means of forcing them to pay money.

So… we’ve been having a lot of discussions about lowering the Cred costs for ships, while reducing the number of available Boosts and raising their He-3 prices to compensate. We think this will help address the demand for lower Cred prices and will allow those players who want to earn Cred faster to continue to do so, while (and this is still important) allowing us to keep a reasonable income to keep the game running for ALL players, as we have committed to do. So here’s what today’s update brings:


  • We have reduced the number of Boosts to just three, one-day purchases : a 2x, 4x and 10x. This vastly simplifies the Boost system and moves some of our He-3 earnings from ships to Boosts
  • It’s important to note for anyone who has bought a boost of any type already, your boosts will still work and expire correctly. You should see your actual Boost multiplier at the end of each game
  • Your Boosts will now displayed in the Main Menu – any you have activated will show up as icons under the Boost bar (except “old school” boosts)

Cred Prices

  • We’ve dropped the prices on all of the ships, some pretty drastically
  • Cred thresholds for unlocking the “prestige” ships are still relatively high – because we want people to invest in them – but much lower than before
  • We’ll continue to adjust prices based on feedback and data we collect on how ships are selling but we hope this goes some way to increasing the investment rewards for playing Moon Breakers

As always, let us know what you think at moonbreakers.userecho.com

Friday Update: Torpedo Damage Bug and Stability Fixes

Hello again Moon Breakers,

Just a quick update today to mention we’ve deployed an update that should fix a number of the server crash and client stability issues, as well as fix the over-scaled damage on torpedo detonation. We know bomber pilots will be sad at the loss of being able to annihilate entire squadrons at once, but it was actually a bug in the code and explosions will cause a much more reasonable amount of damage now, reduced the further way you get from the explosion epicentre.

Update: Warhead Splash Damage and Remote Detonation, New Ships to Fly Free, CTF Update

Greeting Pilots,

We’re still unburying ourselves from the post-launch increase in players and issues that have been reported. Thanks so much to our community for sticking with us as we fix bugs and address concerns on the forum and support email. Special thanks to the veteran pilots who have gone above and beyond to help out new recruits as they come in from Steam and Chrome, your efforts are immensely appreciated.

Today’s update has some bug fixes and gameplay features that have been discussed last week. We’ve also update the roster of Free-to-Fly ships (and allowed you to unlock them);

  • Gameplay
    • Rockets and Torpedoes now do AREA EFFECT damage – they will case increased damage to ships the closer they are to the explosion epicentre
    • You can now remotely detonate rockets and torpedoes by using your Secondary Fire button once they are inf light (and in the case of the torpedo, once it is armed).
    • Rockets have been set to reload faster
  • Free Ship Rotation
    • This week we have the Sidewinder, Hammerhead, Timberwolf and Nighthawk available to fly free, and the Viper is for a limited time.
  • Controls and Settings
    • You can now map mouse buttons to most of the in-game controls
  • HUD and UI
    • You can now unlock ships that are Free-to-Fly which you haven’t unlocked already (next to the Update button in the Hangar)
    • We have added “Stickers” that show how much extra He-3 you get on the purchase screen when buying larger He-3 amounts
    • We have added a 7500 He-3 purchase amount to match ship amounts more closely
    • Numeric “levels” have now been replaced with ran baars – from 1 to 4 bars for now. We’ll be expanding and improving this system over time
    • The Hangar will now remember the last ship you choose and open to that page when you exit and return.
    • The in-game scoreboard has been improved for better visual clarity.
  • Capture the Flag
    • Carrying the flag will now SLOW YOU DOWN – we have reduced the max speed of ships when they grab the flag
We’ve got some good stuff for our next updates and beyond. Our new Destroyer is in progress, Eric has finished the turret model and is now working on the hull. We’re looking at community features and playing with friends. 100% Full Screen mode is still in progress by our intrepid  engineers and we’ve got new maps on the way (and not just asteroids this time!) so stay tuned!

Update: Free-to-Fly Ships, Bug Fixes and Features

Moon Breakers, it’s update time.

Today we have an epic smorgasbord of features and fixes. Here are the details:

  • Free Ship Rotation
    • Here’s what we’re going to try and see what pilots think; every week we’ll offer a selection of non-free ships as “Free to Fly”. We’ll change up the roster every Wednesday
    • One “Prestige” ship like the Merlin or Panther will be made available to fly free for one day every week (Saturday for now)
    • You WILL be able to upgrade these ships but only to Level 4 — you need to unlock the ship to upgrade it fully
  • Bug and Stability Fixes
    • We think we have fixed the issue where some players were not seeing the correct amount of Cred until they reconnected or restarted the game
    • We also think we’ve fixed an issue where some p[layers were crashing when trying to purchase He-3
  • Controls and Settings
    • Y-Axis inversion has been added as a toggle option in the Controls screen under Options
    • Colour Shift has been added as a toggle option to change target markers to more colour-blind friendly hues
  • HUD and UI
    • New Comms function: Enter brings up team-only text bar, Shift+Enter will bring up global chat
    • Comms now appears on the left of the screen, game/system messages appear on the right
    • New target system: ship you last damaged displays as White and the ship that last hit you shows up as Yellow (until overridden or destroyed)
    • There is now a Bounty notification at the top of the screen when you have enough kills to be a High Value Target
    • Ship trail colours now match target markers: green for friendlies and red for hostiles (blue/yellow for colour blind option)
    • Target markers fade the further away radar targets are (not for carriers or flag markers)
    • Smoke trails now get longer the more damaged a ship is
    • Scoreboard has been expanded to include longer names (Steam supports max 32 characters)
  • Capture the Flag
    • Flags colours have now been changed – Green the flag you need to capture, Red is your flag you need to return
    • Your red flag will only appear in the HUD when it has been taken by the enemy
    • The green ring will show where you need to go, both to collect the flag and then where to return it
    • Help screens have been updated to this effect
  • Carrier Assault
    • The Cred reward for torpedo hits has been changed; the bomber pilot now get’s 50% less but the whole team gets the other 50%. So bomber pilots will still see the same Cred reward bu the team will get a share with every successful nuke that lands.
  • Miscellaneous
    • We have added a “Log in with Steam” button to the webpage
Some of you have been asking about the Destroyer we showed yesterday. It’s in progress and we hope to get it in by the next update. Destroyers won’t be pilotable (yet) but will make up a larger fleet around the Carrier for now providing a defence layer against bombers and fighters. We’ll post some intelligence shots when we have them.
As always, let us know what you think and if you encounter any issues.

Incoming: Destroyer Preview, Update Tomorrow

Greeting Pilots,

Tomorrow (May 24th) will see a pretty big update to Moon Breakers that covers a wide spectrum of features and fixes. We’ve been investigating all of your support and forum reports, most importantly stability and Cred tracking issues, with fixes to those systems as well as the He-3 purchasing screen which some pilots had lock up occasionally. Our untiring programmers have also been working on many player requests including (yes!) inverted Y-Axis support, a colour-blind-friendly HUD option, new highlighted markers for your current target and attacker, distance fading and a bunch of other features. We’ll also be introducing our first round of a weekly “free ship rotation” allowing pilots to try out ships they haven’t unlocked yet. Top-tier prestige ships will be available one day a week to try out too. We’ll post full details tomorrow when the update goes live.

And we have been listening to your cries for more maps and better variety. We’re hard at work on a new capital ship that we’ll be adding to the maps. The Destroyer class is built as a heavily-shielded defensive screen against bombers, bristling with cannon batteries and equipped with missile launchers that can’t be taken out like turrets. This will add a new element of strategy for Carrier Assault and CTF, and give bomber pilots added team value. Here’s a concept shot to whet your appetite…