Update – Carrier Assault Changes, Server Fix and More


Today’s update marks some big changes for Carrier Assault, as well as some minor fixes and features.

Carrier Assault

After seeing Carrier Assault in play for a few months now, as well as actively gathering feedback, we have decided to push some aggressive changes to make it more in line with the intended experience, most notably with how torpedoes work;

  • Carriers are now roughly twice as as tough as they were before, requiring roughly eight torpedo hits to take down
  • All torpedoes are launched  unarmed. Once launched they will go through an arming phase  (5 seconds for standard warheads, 4 seconds for advanced) as indicated by a “clock segment” HUD display attached to the torpedo itself. One the warhead is armed it will be displayed with a nuclear symbol. A torpedo that hits while unarmed will not do damage and result in a weak flash, while an armed warhead will cause the usual amount of pain and pyrotechnics.
  • Enemy torpedoes are now always marked with target icons on the HUD and can be destroyed whether they are armed or not.
  • The shielding and rotation rate on turrets has been decreased to make them easier to take out
  • Most importantly, scoring has been changed to the following, just for Carrier Assault:
    • 25Cred for Ship Kills
    • 25Cred for Assists
    • 50Cred for Torpedo Kills (destroying an enemy torpedo)
    • 100Cred for Turret Kills
    • 250Cred for a successful Torpedo Hit
    • 300Cred for Carrier Kill
    • 500Cred bonus for each team should both Carriers survive
    • 500Cred completion bonus for both teams at end of round
    • 500Cred + 100Cred-per-minute-remaming-on-the-clock Victory bonus for the team the destroys the enemy Carrier

This is quite a bit of revision, and as always these numbers and rules are subject to change as the game, and gametype, evolves.

Other News

We’ve made some more improvements this week;

  • A fix for a variety of server issues that pilots had reported
  • The Upgrades screen now has a better description of what each upgrade improves
  • Spawning ships are invulnerable to enemy fire until the player has control at the end of the launch sequence 
  • An issue with the moon in the backdrop being “sliced” has been fixed
  • The team balancing system has had a refinement pass (reduced “aggressiveness” and balancing taking place at the end of the round)

As always, let us know what you think at the forums: http://moonbreakers.userecho.com/

2 thoughts on “Update – Carrier Assault Changes, Server Fix and More

    • When the keyboard isn’t responding it can often be a Chrome issue. Try this – click somewhere in the Chrome window that ISN’T in the actual game window. You should see a message appear in the game window that says “Click to Focus”. Click back in the game and you should have your controls back again. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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