Update: Scoring and Audio Fixes

Moon Breakers Update!


  • So first, a correction; the scoring changes we made last week were actually not turned on in code when we posted the 3/28 update. That’s entirely our mistake and was brought to light by several players who realised that Cred was not adding up as it should. We think we’ve finally got it now, so Cred in Carrier Assault should be working as intended. 
  • In Search and Destroy we are no longer giving Cred for Carrier or torpedo kills, but we are still giving Cred for taking out turrets. This is to more definitively separate the two game modes.


  • Missile locking has been updated to what we had originally intended for the game. Like before, to establish lock for seeking missiles a target will need to be kept in the central targeting circle on the HUD. As a lock “builds” red markers will appear and move inwards. When the markers enter the circle and it turns red, a lock has been established and the missile will track. Losing a lock or firing a missile will mean you need to re-establish it. 
  • We’ve been trying to fix the audio issues that have been reported. We think we’ve made some significant improvements but feedback from Moon Breakers pilots will be a great help if you continue to hear stuttering, audio/music drop out our other sound bugs.
  • Finally, we’ve added a sound cue for torpedoes (beeping while arming). Just to make things a little clearer in combat for our brave bomber pilots!

Refresh your browser to get the latest! As always, please let us know what you think or report issues here on forums: http://moonbreakers.userecho.com/

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