Update – High Value Targets, Missile Lock and Performance

Greetings Moon Breakers. We just updated the game to include a new gameplay feature (Bounties) as well as a handful of fixes;

  • The High Value Target system is in effect. Now, when a pilot racks up a high score streak without being destroyed he or she will become a HVT. This will put a “bounty” marker over their ship, visible to all pilots on the other side, and inform them of how much Cred the bounty is for. Destroy an HVT and you get the bounty all to yourself. The higher your score streak, the higher the bounty will go, up to 1000Cred! If you’re skilled enough to earn a bounty, and you finish the round with a price on your head, you will earn the bounty yourself, so try to stay alive. Wondering why everyone is trying to shoot you down all of a sudden? Check the scoreboard to see if you’re a High Value Target!
  • The missile locking system has been further updated. Now, the lock-on timer will be gradually reduced the closer you are to your target, up to 50% less (0.5 seconds for short-range and 0.75 seconds for standard missile).
  • The scoreboard has been updated with shorter ship names and the aforementioned bounty region
  • Particles have been optimised for improved performance on low-spec machines – if you’ve been suffering from low frame-rate let us know if this helps!

We’ll be tuning the High Value Target system over the next several updates to let us know what you think.

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