In the Works: Capture the Flag Mode

It’s been a little while since our last update so we wanted to let you know what’s coming up soon…

First off in response to many pilots asking for more game modes we’ve been hard at work on getting Capture the Flag (CTF) up and running. It’s functionally running now (screenshots below) but there’s more work to be done to get it polished and tested. Still, we’re pretty close to deploying so keep an eye out for our next update! CTF will initially be pretty simple. Each side’s Carrier will have a platform on the upper side where their flag (A container of compressed H3-3, naturally) will sit. When a pilot swoops over the other side’s flag it will attach to their ship (and may affect their ship’s performance!) and they’ll need to get it back to their own Carrier to score a Capture. The team that gets three Captures, or has the most when the timer hits zero, wins. EAch team will need to defend their flag while making runs on the other side’s as well as be prepared to defend the flag runner back home. It’s a very different kind of game and we hope pilots will have fun coming up with new tactics and strategies for it. Here are a couple of in-development screenshots of CTF in action:

Chasing an opponent with a stolen flag!

The Government's flag platform, mounted on the Carrier and defended by the upper turrets.

Another new feature in the next update will be localisation! Still lots of polish to be done but we’ve done some preliminary work on translating the game for other languages to make it easier for pilots around the world to compete.

As always we’ll let you know as soon as the update goes live, so stay tuned and start practicing your boom-and-zoom flag run tactics!

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