Update – New Game Mode: Capture the Flag

Greeting Moon Breakers,

Today we’ve deployed an update that adds the new Capture the Flag game mode to all maps. CTF is a different kind of game that will require a little more co-ordination and teamwork to win so we’re excited to see it go live. The rules are pretty simple:  each team needs to grab the Flag (which is, naturally, an He-3 gas tank) from the landing platform on the enemy Carrier and bring it back to their own platform to capture it. Three enemy flag captures wins the game. If you get shot down while you’re carrying the enemy flag it will float in space for thirty seconds before return to its platform (the flag HUD icon will flash faster as the timer counts down) allowing the enemy team to retrieve it or your team mates to grab it again. Your team’s flag is always the green flag icon and the other side’s is always a red flag icon.

That’s pretty much it! Here’s a guide to the new icons:

Now that CTF is live we’re rolling on some of the other features and updates on our taskboard. We’ll be looking at the new player experience as well as adding more content to the hangar – we’ll follow up with details soon. If you have feedback or problems playing make sure you check out our community forums.

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