New Ships – Free to try for a limited time!


We’ve just added nine new ships to the Hangar today (details) below. In order to get community feedback and let everyone try them we’ve unlocked them all for a limited period of time. In a few days we’ll be locking them down for Cred/He-3, so get flying! Our long-running 30% off launch sale is also going to wrap up, so if you need He-3 make sure you stock up now. The team here will be tuning these ships pretty aggressively over the next couple of days, both from internal playtests and looking at pilot feedback so if you have thoughts – good or bad – on any of the new craft head over to and post your thoughts.

So what’s new about these ships? Well, we’ve added a new class (Medium Fighter) that bridges the gap between lights and heavies. We’ve also added 2 new light fighters, heavy fighters and bombers with differing specifications and weapon loadouts including some “top tier” ships (the Merlin for example) that will take a lot of Cred to unlock, as “prestige” ships. You can check out their combat and flight specifications in the Hangar, but here are the descriptions to give you a feel for the latest additions:

Light Fighters

F-10 Krait
Sporting a standard Tion 500TW beam cannon and two rocket pods, the F-10 is St. James Shipwright’s answer to Irata’s Nighthawk, built to strafe ground- and asteroid-based facilities as well as clear minefields in deep space. However, with remarkable speed and heat dissipation the Krait is also a capable bomber-hunter and is favoured by Independent border patrol forces.

V-66 Viper
The V-66 is a militarised version of the Z-60, a renowned luxury craft hand-built on Dawnstar and sought after by every collector of fine ships in the galaxy. Combining a deadly mix of speed, agility and dripping with venom, the Viper can outfight almost anything that it encounters. A favourite for Ace Moon Breakers as both a working fighter and a living trophy, only top pilots can ever hope to even see a Viper, let alone fly one.

Medium Fighters

FM-25 Nighthawk
After the Culture War, many Pirate clans begun re-using abandoned fortified asteroids as operational bases. The medium-class Irata FM-25 was a Government bunker-buster, designed to strafe and eliminate gun turrets and defence infrastructure with long-range beam cannons. The name “Nighthawk” was bestowed by terrified turret gunners. In practice, while powerful at range, the FM-25 lacks the turning speed and zest to hold its own in a dogfight against other medium or light fighters.

G5 Kingfisher
The G5 was dubbed “Kingfisher” by test pilots early in its production due to its long, beak-like cannon housing. This medium fighter was developed to capitalise on the growing number of freelance pilots and bounty hunters need for faster, heavily armed interceptors. The G5 trades shielding for stopping power and speed, making it the lightest craft in wide service outfitted with a 50mm cannon.

X99 Merlin
Legendary amongst Moon Breakers across known space is the X99 series. An experimental medium fighter line commissioned by a notorious privateer, only a handful of X99s were handbuilt by Wilson R&D before a military raid cancelled production. Fast, nimble, and sporting an unusual wide-spread configuration for it’s three machine guns, only the best, or most resourceful, pilots will live to sit behind the controls of a Merlin.

Heavy Fighters

FH-250 Swordfish
Heavy fighters are mainstays of modern space combat, but often find themselves behind the frontlines due to lack of speed. The FH-250 overcomes this limitation with the addition of Wilson A590 afterburners, giving it lighting-fast boosts of speed that take it in and out of combat with ease. The Swordfish is a finely balanced and deadly machine only fielded to Ace fighter pilots who can handle the skill needed to control her.

A80 Barracuda
A veteran of three major wars, the A80, while classified as a heavy fighter, is commonly referred to as a gunboat due to its heavy shielding and focus on firepower over speed. The “teeth” of the A80 are it’s dual missile pods that lend it the name Barracuda. In combat the A80 is used to shred other fighters with barrages of short-range warheads from a safe range.


H4B Bison
The Bison’s origins lie in the H4 line of armoured freighters that Erlangen Werft built for corporate transport interests throughout the Rim. Captured models were outfitted with torpedo launchers instead of cargo bays by groups of marauders and eventually the H4B, a militarised version came into being as Erlangen sought to capitalise on the demand for heavy bombers.

B-10X Panther
Designed by the legendary Jennings Group, the prototype model B-10X was based on a rare and proprietary alloy that granted it unparalleled speed and maneuverability. However the cost of producing the secret metal proved prohibitive in the post-war economy and only a small number were built. Replacing standard defensive machineguns with high-velocity 50mm cannons makes it a highly sought-after craft for Ace bomber pilots who have accumulated the reputation to own one.

We’re looking forward to seeing you put these birds through their paces!

5 thoughts on “New Ships – Free to try for a limited time!

  1. ok, i didn’t see this update and already dropped a sizable amount of cred on upgrades, will i get those back when they get locked up?

  2. The truth is I did not like the changes they made. If only they had added stronger ships would have been fine but instead modified the current values ​​of the ships making them weak, slow and bad.

    HE I bought to get the FH-200 and now is useless, a couple of shots and explodes, shooting 3 seconds and heated by its main gun useless.

    I spent money and time improving the FH-200 for which no longer serves absolutely nothing ¬ ¬


    There is a bug when using the afterburner, the HUD is the maximum and minimum quickly as if they were shooting. Going from red to green several times per second.


    A pity the changes in the ships that were already available, they became useless and a waste of money for nothing.

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