Update – Weapon Tuning, CTF Scoring and New Login Procedures

Greetings Moon Breakers. Today we deployed a tuning and bug fix update that includes:

  • Ships with Beam Cannons can now upgrade their range in the Upgrade screen.
  • Beam Cannon shots now travel slightly faster
  • Fast Cannon shots now have a slightly higher rate of fire and velocity
  • Capture the Flag mode now awards 200Cred to the entire team when an enemy flag is captured
  • Zoom (Middle Mouse Button) and Rear View (Down Arrow) are now also mapped to the ‘R’ and ‘V’ keys respectively
  • The recently added ships have undergone modeling and texture updates
  • UI backdrop and transparency has been updated to look better.

Important Information Below!

In addition, we’ve made some changes to how you’ll need to log into the game. Currently, we use Uber Entertainments “Ubernet” service to run our servers and provide back-end support for Moon Breakers. To continue using an increasing suite of features we’re switching to authenticating users directly through Ubernet which means if you don’t have an account already you’ll need to go through a one-time process to sign up (you’ll also have access to Super Monday Night Combat, Uber’s new free-to-play action MOBA title). After that you can use either your Ubernet or Google account to sign in to play Moon Breakers. Here’s a simple walk-through process;

 When you click “Sign In” from the main page, you’ll see this screen:

If you’ve been using your Google account to play Moon Breakers, be sure to click the “Sign In With Google” link to keep all of your character data and purchases.

The first time you do this you’ll need to complete the Ubernet account registration:

Fill in the blanks and then hit “Create New Account” and voila, you’re done.

Now you’ll be able to use either your Google or Ubernet account to sign into Moon Breakers. Please let us know if you have problems on the user forum at http://moonbreakers.userecho.com. 

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