Update: Help Screens, Visual Improvements, Gameplay Tweaks

Greetings Moon Breakers,

In anticipation of tomorrow’s Steam launch we have updated Moon Breakers (for both versions) to include a bevvy of improvements:

  • Afterburner fuel tanks have been increased on all bombers
  • Nighthawk has had a slight improvement to turn rate and afterburner speed
  • Control changes have been implemented through feedback from new users
    • A and D now roll your ship
    • Q and E now fire your primary and secondary weapons
    • R and V now show Rear View and Zoom View, respectively
  • Help windows have been added as one-time popups for new users, explaining the basics of the UI. Additionally pressing F1 and F2 will bring up help screens when flying. F1 shows the default controls and F2 describes the current gametype
  • The arrow cursor is now hidden when flying (Steam version)
  • The aiming reticule is now constrained to the active window while flying (Steam version)
  • In CTF mode, the flag cannot be returned by defenders when dropped. It can be picked up by the other team or will return after its thirty second time out period (requiring it be defended)
  • New skyboxes and lighting have been added to Broken Moon and Broadsides maps
  • Resolution has been increased on the Carrier textures
  • Rockets now do scaled damage to whatever ship they hit, allowing them to do greater damage to Bombers and heavier ships.

Help screens have been added for new players

4 thoughts on “Update: Help Screens, Visual Improvements, Gameplay Tweaks

  1. i don’t know what is wrong but i cannot download this game on steam everytime i hit the button it reloads the page or gives me ( Error -302 when loading url steam://run/208030 ) i would really like to play this game and do a video on it but if i can’t download it then i can’t play it.

  2. Also, a glitch in the Steam version: Your cursor will remain locked as if in flight if connection to the server is lost, requiring a Ctrl-Alt-Delete to exit the game.

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