Update: Stability and Graphics Issues Addressed, Custom Key Mapping

Moon Breakers,

Today we just released an update that fixes a number of frequently reported issues and adds the #1 requested feature;  custom key mapping. Here are the details:

  • Stability issue fixes
    • We have added OpenGL 2.0 support to prevent the glGenFrameBuffers crash
    • Fixed the load-based random server crash
    • Fixed a crash resulting in leaving the Main Menu before the MotD data was downloaded
    • Fixed the updateInventory and updateUserInfo crashes
    • We are still seeing Steam builds deliver corrupted files occasionally. If you see a PnGError crash, something went wrong with the update and re-downloading should fix it until we can implement a permanent solution
  • Custom key mapping; you can now go to Options (at the Main Menu or in-game) and select Controls. This will allow you to re-map most of the major controls to mouse and keyboard inputs. We are in the middle of getting joystick support and, yes, inverted Y-axis for mouse and joystick for you Sim enthusiasts (we heard your lament). This is the first pass on allowing for much greater customisation in the future, let us know what you think.

We’ve seen an AMAZING response to our Steam release yesterday, many thanks to all you new pilots, and all you pilots who have been flying with us since Day One for your support! We’re hard at work on the next round of features, maps and fixing issues as they come up, so stay tuned.


5 thoughts on “Update: Stability and Graphics Issues Addressed, Custom Key Mapping

  1. ok when ever i try to login to steam with the chrome app and i keep geting the “sorry there was an error processing your request” error.

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