Incoming: Destroyer Preview, Update Tomorrow

Greeting Pilots,

Tomorrow (May 24th) will see a pretty big update to Moon Breakers that covers a wide spectrum of features and fixes. We’ve been investigating all of your support and forum reports, most importantly stability and Cred tracking issues, with fixes to those systems as well as the He-3 purchasing screen which some pilots had lock up occasionally. Our untiring programmers have also been working on many player requests including (yes!) inverted Y-Axis support, a colour-blind-friendly HUD option, new highlighted markers for your current target and attacker, distance fading and a bunch of other features. We’ll also be introducing our first round of a weekly “free ship rotation” allowing pilots to try out ships they haven’t unlocked yet. Top-tier prestige ships will be available one day a week to try out too. We’ll post full details tomorrow when the update goes live.

And we have been listening to your cries for more maps and better variety. We’re hard at work on a new capital ship that we’ll be adding to the maps. The Destroyer class is built as a heavily-shielded defensive screen against bombers, bristling with cannon batteries and equipped with missile launchers that can’t be taken out like turrets. This will add a new element of strategy for Carrier Assault and CTF, and give bomber pilots added team value. Here’s a concept shot to whet your appetite…

6 thoughts on “Incoming: Destroyer Preview, Update Tomorrow

  1. cool news ladies and gents cant wait for the update tomorrow, my nearly maxed Rhino is itching

    10 turrets from what i can see.
    one on each side of the rear rudder.
    4 on each front side, stacked by 2 on top of each other.
    guessing destroying one wont destroy the other so frontal assault would probably take long since unlike normal carriers you cant create a dead spot by destroy a corner turret and center turret. so yea attacking that rear section after the ships command tower would be best.
    so destroy each back turret then fly directly in the backsection from one side, fly over/under to the next side turn around a distance that allows the nuke to be armed rinse and repeat.

    i just theoretically beat your destroyer πŸ™‚

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    • Yes, they’ll be tracking missiles, we have yet to do any of the tuning at this stage though so launch distance/flight duration/warhead speed will all need to play nice with each other and the fact that multiple warheads may launch at a time.

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