Update: Free-to-Fly Ships, Bug Fixes and Features

Moon Breakers, it’s update time.

Today we have an epic smorgasbord of features and fixes. Here are the details:

  • Free Ship Rotation
    • Here’s what we’re going to try and see what pilots think; every week we’ll offer a selection of non-free ships as “Free to Fly”. We’ll change up the roster every Wednesday
    • One “Prestige” ship like the Merlin or Panther will be made available to fly free for one day every week (Saturday for now)
    • You WILL be able to upgrade these ships but only to Level 4 — you need to unlock the ship to upgrade it fully
  • Bug and Stability Fixes
    • We think we have fixed the issue where some players were not seeing the correct amount of Cred until they reconnected or restarted the game
    • We also think we’ve fixed an issue where some p[layers were crashing when trying to purchase He-3
  • Controls and Settings
    • Y-Axis inversion has been added as a toggle option in the Controls screen under Options
    • Colour Shift has been added as a toggle option to change target markers to more colour-blind friendly hues
  • HUD and UI
    • New Comms function: Enter brings up team-only text bar, Shift+Enter will bring up global chat
    • Comms now appears on the left of the screen, game/system messages appear on the right
    • New target system: ship you last damaged displays as White and the ship that last hit you shows up as Yellow (until overridden or destroyed)
    • There is now a Bounty notification at the top of the screen when you have enough kills to be a High Value Target
    • Ship trail colours now match target markers: green for friendlies and red for hostiles (blue/yellow for colour blind option)
    • Target markers fade the further away radar targets are (not for carriers or flag markers)
    • Smoke trails now get longer the more damaged a ship is
    • Scoreboard has been expanded to include longer names (Steam supports max 32 characters)
  • Capture the Flag
    • Flags colours have now been changed – Green the flag you need to capture, Red is your flag you need to return
    • Your red flag will only appear in the HUD when it has been taken by the enemy
    • The green ring will show where you need to go, both to collect the flag and then where to return it
    • Help screens have been updated to this effect
  • Carrier Assault
    • The Cred reward for torpedo hits has been changed; the bomber pilot now get’s 50% less but the whole team gets the other 50%. So bomber pilots will still see the same Cred reward bu the team will get a share with every successful nuke that lands.
  • Miscellaneous
    • We have added a “Log in with Steam” button to the webpage
Some of you have been asking about the Destroyer we showed yesterday. It’s in progress and we hope to get it in by the next update. Destroyers won’t be pilotable (yet) but will make up a larger fleet around the Carrier for now providing a defence layer against bombers and fighters. We’ll post some intelligence shots when we have them.
As always, let us know what you think and if you encounter any issues.

9 thoughts on “Update: Free-to-Fly Ships, Bug Fixes and Features

  1. Ack, looks like it turned my comment into a weird emoticon 🙂 Anyway, that was supposed to be a less-than-3 heart followed by:

    Love the ship rotation. Been thinking about ponying up for He3, but wanted to try ships before buying first. Now I can!

    And, thanks for the flag color change. I swear half our team was chasing down our own flag carrier earlier this week. I’m just glad there doesn’t seem to be any friendly fire damage!

  2. Love the game so far! Really intense action! However, I’ve been trying to convince my friends to join but I’m getting a hard time at doing so since there is no “play with friends” option.

    • Yup, that’s one of the top requests and we’re working on providing a solution for small groups of friends to play together, however it requires some substantial infrastructure and testing so its currently a “stay tuned” feature. We do recognise this is a big deal for our players though, and we’ve given it a high priority.

  3. Can we not purchase a free to play ship until its free time is over? I can’t unlock the ship I want, the “Unlock” button is not there, but I’m upgrading it to level 4. Will I be able to purchase the ship in 4 days with all the upgrades still in place?

    • Yes, you’ll be able to purchase it and all your upgrades will be there, but we’re trying to add an unlock button soon that will allow you to unlock the ship at any time during the free-to-fly period (that’s our bad, apologies).

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