Update: Warhead Splash Damage and Remote Detonation, New Ships to Fly Free, CTF Update

Greeting Pilots,

We’re still unburying ourselves from the post-launch increase in players and issues that have been reported. Thanks so much to our community for sticking with us as we fix bugs and address concerns on the forum and support email. Special thanks to the veteran pilots who have gone above and beyond to help out new recruits as they come in from Steam and Chrome, your efforts are immensely appreciated.

Today’s update has some bug fixes and gameplay features that have been discussed last week. We’ve also update the roster of Free-to-Fly ships (and allowed you to unlock them);

  • Gameplay
    • Rockets and Torpedoes now do AREA EFFECT damage – they will case increased damage to ships the closer they are to the explosion epicentre
    • You can now remotely detonate rockets and torpedoes by using your Secondary Fire button once they are inf light (and in the case of the torpedo, once it is armed).
    • Rockets have been set to reload faster
  • Free Ship Rotation
    • This week we have the Sidewinder, Hammerhead, Timberwolf and Nighthawk available to fly free, and the Viper is for a limited time.
  • Controls and Settings
    • You can now map mouse buttons to most of the in-game controls
  • HUD and UI
    • You can now unlock ships that are Free-to-Fly which you haven’t unlocked already (next to the Update button in the Hangar)
    • We have added “Stickers” that show how much extra He-3 you get on the purchase screen when buying larger He-3 amounts
    • We have added a 7500 He-3 purchase amount to match ship amounts more closely
    • Numeric “levels” have now been replaced with ran baars – from 1 to 4 bars for now. We’ll be expanding and improving this system over time
    • The Hangar will now remember the last ship you choose and open to that page when you exit and return.
    • The in-game scoreboard has been improved for better visual clarity.
  • Capture the Flag
    • Carrying the flag will now SLOW YOU DOWN – we have reduced the max speed of ships when they grab the flag
We’ve got some good stuff for our next updates and beyond. Our new Destroyer is in progress, Eric has finished the turret model and is now working on the hull. We’re looking at community features and playing with friends. 100% Full Screen mode is still in progress by our intrepid  engineers and we’ve got new maps on the way (and not just asteroids this time!) so stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Update: Warhead Splash Damage and Remote Detonation, New Ships to Fly Free, CTF Update

  1. For the higher ranks….will it include player category specialty. Such as they’re more likely to utilize a bomber, lf, sf, or hf. Perhaps a ranks for base assault and/or killer. Might help show their expertise on the game as well give other players an idea their playing type.

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