Update: Cred Price Reduction, Boost Changes

Greetings Pilots,

Moon Breakers is what we call “games as service” — we don’t put out a game, then take a few weeks of recovery time before starting work on the sequel. Instead we start small, then continually upgrade the game, balancing new features, visual polish, player requests and new content so that week after week the game gets better and better. We have a vision for Moon Breakers that builds on the current core gameplay, adding features like a persistent galactic map, clan “squadrons” with their own carriers, extensive ship customisation, new maps, new gametypes… and creates an epic experience that still allows players from anywhere in the world to jump into combat with just a few clicks. However, to do this we need to push and pull levers, make changes and experiment with the right balance between selling content and providing it for free.

We’ve had a lot of feedback from our community (and reviewers) that our Cred thresholds for unlocking ships is too high. To give you some background, while we are a very small team, the ongoing development of Moon Breakers (including paying the current staff, contractors, and all the myriad expenses of running an office) and the cost of running the servers requires we earn enough through players paying for content. Right now our population growing, but still small enough that that’s critical. On the other hand we want people to play and enjoy our game and to have a fair expectation of what they would be able to earn without having to slavishly devote their lives to playing Moon Breakers. Part of that for us is the concept of Boosts which strike a balance between lower-cost unlocks and the amount of time needed to invest in the game to unlock ships. Still, many of our players don’t realise that and see the high Cred cost per ship as a means of forcing them to pay money.

So… we’ve been having a lot of discussions about lowering the Cred costs for ships, while reducing the number of available Boosts and raising their He-3 prices to compensate. We think this will help address the demand for lower Cred prices and will allow those players who want to earn Cred faster to continue to do so, while (and this is still important) allowing us to keep a reasonable income to keep the game running for ALL players, as we have committed to do. So here’s what today’s update brings:


  • We have reduced the number of Boosts to just three, one-day purchases : a 2x, 4x and 10x. This vastly simplifies the Boost system and moves some of our He-3 earnings from ships to Boosts
  • It’s important to note for anyone who has bought a boost of any type already, your boosts will still work and expire correctly. You should see your actual Boost multiplier at the end of each game
  • Your Boosts will now displayed in the Main Menu – any you have activated will show up as icons under the Boost bar (except “old school” boosts)

Cred Prices

  • We’ve dropped the prices on all of the ships, some pretty drastically
  • Cred thresholds for unlocking the “prestige” ships are still relatively high – because we want people to invest in them – but much lower than before
  • We’ll continue to adjust prices based on feedback and data we collect on how ships are selling but we hope this goes some way to increasing the investment rewards for playing Moon Breakers

As always, let us know what you think at moonbreakers.userecho.com

One thought on “Update: Cred Price Reduction, Boost Changes

  1. What’s the news about the new destroyer? Maps? Game? Enemy NPC/AI? Joystick control option? Lags on certain regions?

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