Update on Destroyer and Turret Progress

Greetings pilots,

We wanted to keep you updated on the progress of the Chimera Destroyer and the new 50mm Cannon turrets it fields. Eric has undertaken the enormous task of creating the assets single-handedly and they’re already looking highly intimidating. 

First off is the new 50mm turret. This image shows a “neutral” version on a base that allows it to be placed on asteroids and objects in the level too (we’ll be adding these as additional defences to new and current maps in the near future). Each turret has 3 cannons (similar to those fielded by heavy fighters) and like the current MG turrets on the carrier, can track a a full hemisphere around it.

This shot of the Destroyer shows the current in-progress model and the concept image above, as well as a Mamba for scale.  This is the high-res model which has all of the detail – down to individual hoses and ladder rungs. From there we’ll create an in-game model where those details are “baked” into normal maps and textures.

We’ll post more when the first pass of the Destroyer is complete!


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